EmbodiedMBA Reviews

I’ve done many courses about mindfulness and meditation, but I was amazed by Rodney’s different approach. It’s a very practical training directly applicable in daily life. Thank you for all the tools and techniques. I recommend anybody to take this course: newcomers to Mindfulness as this is very enjoyable as well as more advanced mindfulness practitioners to discover a new path.Thomas Bossy, Google - Finance
This training gave me a fresh perspective looking at mindfulness. I love the fact that it incorporates mindfulness in action and gives us some practical tips to change our daily approach to life situations. Take the training and see how it changes your approach to dealing with life choices and stress! Highly recommended.April Li, Google - Account Manager
Rodney’ training really brings many theories to life through well designed action exercises. I had great ‘Aha’ moments in just a 2-hour course – Thanks again Rodney!Claire Zhong, Google
We were lucky to have Rodney come give us a 2.5 hours presentation at Google today on his EmbodiedMBA program.

Rodney is a great entertaining speaker with a very compelling story and I found myself being caught in the whole presentation without thinking about the time.

Doing a lot of yoga and meditation, I found his findings resonated a lot with the broad mindfulness philosophy adding on top some complementary tools (anchors to breathing, mantra to refocus etc…) inspired from martial arts, to be more present during the action of the day.

Thank you Rodney for coming, that was really worth it !Alexis Hennequin, Google