EmbodiedMBA integrates the science of mindfulness, with inner game management tools, delivered through an action learning experience — designed to help you, your staff, team and organization to achieve more focus, presence and resilience.

The Cranfield University School of Management and The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) have noted that for sustainable health and performance across an organization to take place, mindfulness training needs to target change readiness through mindful working at the team level. This process can be started by delivering mindfulness training to entire workplace teams (including the team leader) and by including a range of team level mental fitness techniques. A team-based design and delivery format creates the platform from which teams develop the capabilities required to embrace increased volatility, transparency, and complexity within organizational settings. The embodied fitness techniques that are taught in the EmbodiedMBA experience are designed to not only boost individual, but equally Team level performance. However we go beyond teaching the science of mindfulness, showing participants how to engage their entire ’embodied intelligence’ to achieve peak performance at work (and life).


In addition, and crucially, Deepak Sethi, CEO of Organic Leadership, has noted that the challenge is to be mindful in the crucible of work, and not just in the meditation chair. In a similar vein, Tony Schwartz, CEO and founder of The Energy Project, has noted that what is needed is mindfulness in action, regardless of what a person can do with their eyes closed. The EmbodiedMBA overcomes these challenges by applying a novel approach to both learning how to become more mindful, as well as developing crucial inner management skills — by teaching these tools through accessible somatic martial arts based drills ( that anyone, regardless of fitness can engage in. No experience is required). This allows us to then teach participants how to achieve mindfulness in action. While meditation in a quite candle lit room is beneficial, as Deepak Sethi, Tony Shwartz and others have noted, what matters is the ability to be mindful ‘in-action’ in the chaos and stress of organizational life.

Finally as Amanda Sinclair, researcher and Professor of Management at the Melbourne Business School has noted, both leader and individual team member success is largely predicated on what they do on the inside in moments of leading or moments of crucial performance at work. Therefore, Inner management skills development requires an embodied approach to learning these skills, not simply a cognitive one. This embodied approach then needs to be active, in the moment, and simulate similar inner obstacles a person will face in the workplace. This is why in the EmbodiedMBA we use an active, embodied approach, through the vehicle of martial arts and other somatic body based movement drills to teach inner game success. This approach allows us not only to successfully recreate many of the inner obstacles people face at work, but then coach participants how to manage those experiences more effectively in the moment as they arise.

In the EmbodiedMBA experience we focus on 6-key learning principles. Each of these principles are taught by applying a fun, action oriented method — through martial art based drills, and somatic movement sequences. Our goal always is to allow participants to not only cognitively understand these principles, but to experience them in the moment — thus opening up the doorway for sustainable ’embodied’ change.


Through a series of embodied learning drills, participants experience the paradox of imperfection, that is needed for perfect peak performance to take place.


Thinking isn’t inherently bad, but what you focus on can be. Here we coach participants in specific thinking drills that will enable them to harness the power and clarity of the present moment.


How you engage your body, not only changes your physiology, it also changes how you think and feel about yourself. Here we introduce participants to Attitude Embodied, and why it is essential for peak performance in any endeavour.


Mindfulness is a state of being where you are able to just be present without judging the outcome of your experience. This is an embodied state of being fully present, that will allow a person to take on the martial arts of everyday work and win!


Breathing shouldn’t only be seen as something you do simply to stay alive, but rather, and equally important something you need in order to act. Here participants are taught how to speak to their nervous system so that they can better manage those moments of intense stress at work.


True success in life and work is the ability to bounce back from setbacks. But it is also about putting in the work. In this final teaching section we focus on showing participants how to build resilience, surviving the hustle and why we believe people need more challenge play in their lives to truly be successful.

We currently offer three versions of the EmbodiedMBA experience, along with custom one-on-one coaching solutions when requested by clients. Option 1 and 2 can be conducted onsite, at your organization or Team Building event.

Option 1 – Exploratory EmbodiedMBA Workshop Session: A two and a half hour workshop experience where we introduce participants to the main core themes of the EmbodiedMBA experience. Great for teams, and organizations.

Option 2 – EmbodiedMBA Immersion: This is our flagship program, presented over two days consisting of 5-hours of intensive training. Great for teams, organizations, and retreats.

Option 3 – EmbodiedMBA Retreat: In collaboration with Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong, Thailand, we offer a 5-day EmbodiedMBA intensive. This option is fantastic for Corporate Team Building and Executive Teams.

Coach Rodney King went from never finishing high school and sleeping on a park bench at 17  to becoming a world renowned modern martial artist, super successful entrepreneur of two global modern martial arts lifestyle brands and author. How? Through the very same inner game tools he teaches in the EmbodiedMBA experience.

Rodney’s undergraduate work was in psychology, and he earned his Masters Degree in Leading Innovation and Change from York St John Universities School of Business (UK). He is currently a Social Scientist, and Doctoral Student at the University of Leicesters School of Business, where his research focuses on mindfulness-in-action and it’s role in leadership effectiveness. Rodney is also a certified Positive Psychology Coach.



“I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at the martial arts of everyday life.”

Naveen Jain Billionaire Entrepreneur & Founder: Moon Express, Viome Inc & BlueDot

“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. At long last, we have a perfect union of proven martial arts techniques with cutting edge approaches to teaching and personal development. As a martial artist myself, King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.”

Dr. Robert Biswas Diener – The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology and Author of Happiness

“There are few people I’ve met in life who have as much passion about helping others as Rodney. He’s a true leader not only in martial arts but in helping people get the most out of life. He cares deeply about getting people results. That’s not easy to find these days. And the best part of everything he does is that what he teaches works!!!””

John Michael Morgan: The Chuck Norris of Leadership Coaching & Best Selling Author of Brand Against The Machine

Action Shots from the EmbodiedMBA Experience @ Google Singapore

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